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Voting Age Should Remain at 18

Elections dictate our future. We, as a community, vote for our Members of Parliaments to make decisions for our safety and well-being. That being said, we need to have citizens who know whom and what they are asking for. As a sixteen year old I do not believe we should be able to select those who protect us.

Currently, the majority of 16 year olds in British Columbia, Canada are in high school, either in grade ten or eleven. Students are not done with learning about governments and politics until the end of grade eleven, possibly twelve. We are still in the process of learning and figuring out what happens in the real world. As teenagers who are living under the roof of their parent/guardian, we do not have much to lose and know very little about taxes. People believe since a sixteen year can begin driving a car, they should be able to vote too. They, however, may have forgotten the fact that an adult with a full license is mandatory wile the vehicle is moving. On the other hand, 18 year olds can be held responsible for their actions and could also stand trial in an adult court.

As mentioned earlier, 16 year olds are still in the process of learning about the government. We also remain in the process of gaining a few responsibilities at a time, becoming more independent and mature. Many teens are not smart enough to know how some politicians may play their game. 16 year olds
can be influenced by others and possibly be bribed as well. A lot of 16 year old teens have not shopped for a daycare facility for their child/children. They do not know what it is like out on your own, taking care of yourself, let alone another human being.

With all that being said, I, as a sixteen year old, strongly believe the voting age should not be lowered to the age of sixteen, but remain at eighteen. We need people who we can trust to participate in choosing the Members of Parliament.